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The highest energy losses occur through the roof of your home. Ceiling insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home year-round. In winter, up to 40% of heat in the house can be lost, and up to 30% of heat can be gained through an uninsulated ceiling. Professionally installed quality insulation can arrest these losses and save your energy costs. Our qualified staff can install quality tested and certified insulation in your home, and you can begin saving now. As independent insulation installers, we can source the right product for your property.

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Choosing the Right Ceiling Insulation

Check Your Current Insulation

Take a look in your roof space to check if you have insulation already installed. If there has been ceiling insulation installed, take note as to what type it is.

A lot of ceiling insulation can lose its effectiveness over time by settling and compacting. If the height of your existing insulation is 50mm or less, it might need topping up or even replacing.

Selected the Right Insulation

Insulation is measured by its thermal resistance, how much the material inhibits the transfer of heat. The key measure is known as the R value. The higher the R value, the more effective the product is.

All products used by Cocoon Insulation comply with the Australian Standard 4859.1 for insulation products.  We are an independent installer, so we can source the product that is the right insulation for your property.

What is the R Value?

The R Value is a mesure of a material's resistance to heat flow. (This is know as thermal resistance). The more the R value, the greater the resistance to heat transfer is. The higher the insulation effect, the greater the energy savings are.

Bulk insulation products that have the same insulation R value rating will give the identical insulation outcome. Knowing this can help you make a more informed decision regardless of thickness or insulation type when choosing the right insulation.