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Insulation Vacuum Removal Melbourne

Expert in Removing Insulation that is Fast, Safe & Effective

With our new imported machinery, we can efficiently remove old insulation, leaving a clear and clean roof space. We vacuum all the old product, dust and debris, making a safe and clean roof space. We recommend removing old insulation when the insulation has been compressed, fire damaged, water damaged or heavily infested with rodents or insects.

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Why Do I Need a Ceiling Vacuum Treatment?

1. You are Upgrade Your Insulation

Loose-fill, Blown-in and Insulfluf are loose styles of insulation which were very popular in older homes. Over time, these products compact and become less effective.

The insulation of today is by far much more superior to the older types of insulation. A wide range of new materials with improved thermal properties are now readily available. Upgrading to a more modern kind of insulation can significantly improve your homes energy efficiency.

2. Damaged or Contaminated Insulation

The most common reasons for replacing your insulation is because of damage due to rainwater or insulation being contaminated and wrecked by animals like possums, bats rodents and insects.

When insulation gets damaged by water, some insulation can act like a giant sponge. This can result in unwanted odours and mould and will effectively destroy the insulation.

Fast & Safe Insulation Removal